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Aug 26, 2011

Production trafic on HA

Hi everybody,



We have some problem on two F5 unit (in Activ/standby architecture).


Some inbound trafic is duplicated on the HA link toward the standby (used for the failover).


Does anybody had this issue ?



Thank you in advance for your answer




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    You have mirroring enabled on some VS's?



    The way mirroring works for a VS is by having the active unit mirror the traffic to the standby... It sounds like you may be seeing this traffic.



  • Hi Hamish,



    Thank you for your answer.


    Yes we have enabled mirroring on all the VS. But only 3 VS are concerned by this problem.


    The trafic for the other VS with mirroring is not mirrored.


    We have the same configuration on other unit like 6900 and that didn't appeared anytime.


    We will try an upgrade or a reboot or a failover between the two 6400.