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Jul 19, 2011

problems with http monitor for web and IIS service




Currently I am configuring and testing a http monitor for 2 nodes port 80(one pool member:80)in a LTM version 10.2.2, the pool member have a http and tcp monitor associated.


I tested sendig down to IIS service in the servers but the http and tcp monitor in the pool member still up... what should I do configuring for the monitor detecting that the service is not available?





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    If you have only an HTTP monitor on the nodes, then when IIS stops responding they should mark the pool down. However, since you have a TCP monitor as well, it's like keeping the pool marked as up, depending on your config. Be sure you have your system configured to require all monitors, and you should see the pool state change when the HTTP service is unreachable.



  • Not that you need to do this for the monitoring to work, but...



    You could probably remove the TCP monitor if you're using an HTTP monitor. An HTTP monitor is going to be more effective in determining the pool member state anyhow.



  • Hi..thanks but I remove the TCP monitor for pool member,now the unique monitor assigned is http monitor but the state of node where the IIS is not available is still up.... another tip that i can do...regards