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Feb 02, 2012

Problems setting traffic-group and device-group when creating folder

How should one set both the traffic-group and device-group when creating a folder? Management.Folder.create() folder takes neither as arguments. There is a method Management.Folder.set_device_group(), but in my particular case it errors out because it wants a traffic-group set at the same time. For the life of me I can't figure out what method to call to set the traffic-group on a folder... does anyone know?



This is what we want it to look like (from tmsh's viewpoint) at the end of it all...



root@xyzzy-lb1(Active)(/)(tmos) create sys folder /suckawho traffic-group none device-group /Common/device-group-sync


root@xyzzy-lb1(Active)(/)(tmos) list sys folder /suckawho


sys folder suckawho {


device-group Common/device-group-sync


traffic-group none





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  • We combed through the WSDL hoping the docs were just missing this particular set command.. but no luck..



    Joe, any ideas?
  • Have received confirmation from F5 through their TAC that this is indeed a bug and has an open PR awaiting resolution.