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Sep 07, 2017

Problem with HA configuration

Hello everybody,


My company system now is located at one Datacenter and now my boss want to split it to two different Datacenters to achieve full redundancy ability for the system (hardware and netwoking)and we can share workload between two Datacenter as well.


I have deceiced to extend our VLAN at old Datacenter to new Datacenter via VXLAN with Multicast protocol. I did a LAB with my idea but i have some problems with F5 devices in HA mode(without mirroring state). Please kindly give me some advise. My Lab is look like "topology" attachment. - I run VXLAN via a GRE Tunnel to make it transparent to ISPs and it up and running. - I use VLAN 50 ( for HA purpose to achieve Active/Active mode for a pair of HA devices and also VLAN 200 for Management purpose. You can see the latency on VLAN50, VLAN200 between 2 F5 before config-sync occur as my ping result attachments.


When every time i access device management => overview F5 is be hangout and even affect to all the networking performance between to my Switches (network behavior like being flood packet). When i show /var/log/ltm i can see the CMI connection was being flapping may be due to TMM can't perform connect with peer device. I cann't understand what make it happen.


  • Anyway, my two ASAs can work perfectly on active/active mode.

Any advise for me is much appreciated.


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