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Mar 27, 2018

Priority groups and Session persistence



I have two nodes behind my VS and using PGA less than 1 for two nodes. So active and passive. I am not using any peristence profile as i want the higher priority group to service requests if they flap anytiome.


But in this way when we login to the application it times me out immediately. Where as when i use source persistence i am able to login and work normaly.


Any idea?


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  • You are getting confused with 2 different features.


    1. PGA (Priority Group Activation) is a feature where you can assign priorities for a set of servers to handle traffic & put logic to goto next set of servers when a min required servers are not present.


    2. Session Persistence : This holds your user preferences like username & pwds.


    So its obvious when you apply persistence, it will not time out immediately.