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Apr 18, 2020

PowerShell Script to iControlSnapIn Not Working



Recently i have upgraded my F5 device to version Post upgrade, everything is running fine without any issues, except few power shell scripts. Application team is getting permission denied error under script. I checked everything, and user have appropriate permissions. And on other F5 instance which is having 13.x version, script is running fine with same user. I am actually stuck and not able to find anything.

Did you face any such issue? any help would be appreciated!

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  • Recently i've also upgraded one of F5 node to version And i've also gone through similar kind of issue which was related to script. While executing script, error observed was like could not initiate connection with supplied information. Post checking thoroughly, we found that script was configured to send request strictly with TLS1.1 and that request was failing. When we asked backend team to configure TLS1.2 in script, the script started working fine. Virtual Server where this request was hitting had configured TLS1.1 but still request was failing. But yes, making changes in the script solved issue. This issue seems to be kind of same issue that you're observing so shared here. I am not sure but this may help you to correlate issue.



  •  ,


    Issue resolved. I had rebooted my F5 device and post reboot, script started working fine. It seems some of the services were not up post upgrade and those services were causing issues while executing script.


    Thank you for your help.

  • Hello Mayur,


    Thanks for your response. Yes this may help me. Let me check with application team, i'll also check few things under script. Just to give more clarity about error that we're getting, sharing error snap for your reference.


  • Hey John,


    Error that i observed was a bit different. Here in above snap, i see it is straight away giving permission denied error. I would recommended you to again cross verify login creds and access level. Also have you checked these login attempt requests on F5? Please see it under system-->log-->Audit