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Jan 20, 2011

Power outage

Hello, power went out and now everything is back online. I have bigip-01 and bigip-02. When both servers are running, nobody can access the virtual servers. If bigip-02 is the only one running, then everything works. It also does not work if bigip-01 is the only one running. I assume that when both are running, they both try to be the 'active' server... Then again this is only an assumption. How could I resolve this? Thank you. Antonio, City of El Paso TX.

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  • Hi Antonio,



    Has bigip-01 loaded all its configuration after the outage, i.e. VS, pools etc? And what is the Sync state?



    I’m not saying it’s the same but we had a similar issue a few weeks ago. Our Active BIG-IP looked ok after power had recovered but wasn’t. Config was there but not responding to the rest of the network. Had to reboot again. The Standby BIG-IP failed to load the VS’ and pools etc. Turned out a SSL Certificate that had a number for a name prevented this. It was removed and problem fixed.



    We used ‘b verify load’ to check for problems when we came across this. Both devices were up and running again.



    Also, under System ›› High Availability >> Redundancy, you can set the ‘Redundancy State Preference’ to be either Active or Standby on each device. Under the same screen you can also force one of the devices to be the Standby.



    Hope some of that helps.