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Feb 08, 2012

Post GTM 1500 upgrade 9.3.xx to 10.2.3 - recursive lookup fails



is anyone aware of any issues issues relating to loosing the ability to perform recursive lookups against a GTM following an upgrade to 10.2.3 ? I have upgraded my 1500 from 9.3.0 to 10.2.3 with the latest hotfix. The upgrade appeared to go without too much of an issue however, while I can resolve names in the zones held locally recursive get "Query refused".



I've checked the named.conf and recursive is set to yes.



Thanks in advance





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  • Just as an update this only effects remote lookups, performing an nslookup against itself works for records not held local
  • Have you checked the ACL list and expanded it to allow the remote IP's you mentioned?
  • You might also want to check this out:




    and here is an article that discusses the ACL's:

  • Just to advise after speaking with support they advised :




    I talked to other engineers and the recommendation is if you have "recursive yes" in the configuration, the udp profile must be changed to > 30 seconds. The other option is not to enable recursion.



    I have built a couple of linux/bind servers to handle my needs in the meantime so have not validated this.