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Apr 10, 2020

Portal Access question

Hello, I've a question about Portal Access


I have one single VS with APM and we have multi branchs in the VPE. Each branch have a different Portal Acess/Webtop so we can have many applications on the same VS with different URIs ( etc...)


But the problem is with this unique VS I'm obligated to have a general rewrite/web Acceleration profile applied to the VS

So my question is how can I use different web acceleration profils and rewrite profils for different Portal Access in the same VS ? Is this possible ?




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    When you create Web-Acceleration profile, you can customize it and apply profile to specific URI. So with this, you can achieve your requirement. For rewrite, I haven't completely played around with this but you can try once if you can achieve your requirement using polices, or settings under rewrite profile itself.