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Mar 24, 2021

Port Lock down | Impact

Hi All,   Hope your are doing great.   I am planning to restrict access on Self IP. Can you please help to understand the impact of port lock down when i change it from allow all to "None". ...
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    Mar 25, 2021



    1) If i ll allow default , then what all ports will be allowed


    2) If i ll use custom, then what all port should i allow

    Only those needed for your scenario. If you don't have gtm and you don't administer through self IP then udp/1026 but only if you are using that self IP for the cluster.


    3) I can for logging into GUI , CLI we are using management IP . So I consider that administration is not manage by Self IP.

    Sounds right.


    4) Please let me know how i ll identity whether Self IP is being used for cluster communication or not.

    From Device Management > Devices, open the BIG-IP you are logged in (self), then from the "Device connectivity" drop down menu check the settings of the different entries to know which IPs are used.