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Jul 13, 2011

port 80 and 443 on sigle Virtual server




I am new to F5 and Creating Virtual servers for multiple websites. My query is I want to run port 80 and 443 on sigle Virtual server, Is it possible?.



Gurdeep Singh


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  • Hi Gurdeep,



    This is possible, but it's generally not recommended to try to support multiple protocols on the same virtual server. It gets complicated trying to dynamically change the LTM behavior based on whether the client is using SSL or not. It's much simpler to create a separate virtual server for HTTP and HTTPS.



    That said, here's a 9.x iRule example which supports decryption of the SSL traffic on port 443 and HTTP traffic on other defined ports. If you want to use it for v10 or higher, it would be ideal to update it to use static variables instead of global variables.





  • Thanks for the confirmation. I have created seprate virtual servers for HTTPS.



    Gurdeep Singh