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May 14, 2021

Poor upload speed BIG-IP Edge client

Hi All,


I have configured APM Network Access with BIG-IP Edge client and this works fine.

We can connect, are authenticated and access internal resources. No problem there.


But we found out upload speeds from the Edge client are very low.

We can download with 4 MB/s, but can only upload with 700 KB/s.


We have tried several things, but none of them worked.


- Disable compression in the Connectivity and Network Access profile

- Enable DTLS

- Used the TCP-F5-Progressive profile on the VS


APM version:


Client version

Build version. . . . . . : 7211,2021,107,1217

API version. . . . . . . : 7211,2021,107,1217


We need to create traces to see what is going on, but maybe one of you have sees this before and got is solved.

Your tips and tricks are appreciated.





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  • Check the Edge Client article for investigating issues:





    Also you can do tcpdump on a connectivity profile that is used by the VPN virtual server:



  • Hi,


    Customer had a Client Traffic Classifier profile with Client Rate Classes configured on the Network Access configuration.

    As a test, we removed this profile from Network Access and now the upload speed is 2.5 MB/s.


    So it seems to have something to do with this Client Traffi Classifier. Customer wants to limit the throughput for clients.