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Feb 04, 2022

Platform name and ID

1- Why do I see different platform name and ID on host and guest? which one is relevant and actual? 

2- What exactly does Platform ID field mean, why its diffferent on both host/and guest? and which one actually is physically chassis? how would it change it I have viprion? and for virtual editions?

3- Which I name/ID should look to see if its EOL? 


Platform IDA112
Platform NameBIG-IP VPR-B2250


Platform IDC103
Platform NameBIG-IP 3600


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  • This seems like visual bug but still why don't you just google the two names as if your hardware device is VIPRION with blades then it is BIG-IP VPR-B2250 also 3600 from what I checked shouldn't support vCMP.