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Dec 12, 2021

platform migration carry over Geolocation data file and ASM signature data file

I am working on platform migration from i5600 to i7600 by backing up UCS file and restoring it back to the i7600.

I am wondering if geolocation data file, ASM signature, and bot signature will be updated as well.

Recently I restore UCS file but see the Geolocation data file is 2020 which is last year and causing customer complain.

When I did the geoip_lookup, it points to /usr/share/GeoIP/v2/F5GeoIP.dat which mean that there is no Geolocation data file under /shared/GeoIP/v2/F5GeoIP.dat and use the default location.

What is the best way for me to compare the settings and configuration before and after the platform migration.

I thought that UCS backup and restore should cover all the settings but I still missing Geolocation data file.





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