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May 16, 2012

Persistence Not Working




For the following VIP, persistence is not working..



virtual syz-443


pool syzpl-443




ip protocol tcp


vlans 25 enable


profiles tcp-profile


persist persist-source-addr-syz
 is giving different server every minute when persistence is set to 600 sec.



any help here would be great on what is causing this?





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    Just taking a quick look at your posted config, it seems as though your destination is https but the URL you posted is http. Is there another Virtual Server using http without persistence?
  • i noticed the following also..



    persist-source-addr-syz - IS the custom profile...AND



    persist-default-syz - Is the default profile



    Although, the persist-source-addr-syz is set for timeout vlaue of 600,



    the persist-default-syz profile seems to be having no setting of timeout value



    b profile persist-default-syz list


    profile persist-default-syz


    defaults from sourceaddr



    As no timeout setting is defined the custom profil persist-source-addr-syz , must be inheriting timeout settings from the parent profile.


    and therefore persistence is not sticking till 600 secs.



    Could this be the reason?