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Apr 23, 2012

persistence not working with web services calls

I am having a problem with getting persistence to work for our Outlook Plugin Add-in. the add-in communicates with the application servers using Web Service calls. i have tried all of the default persistence types and oneconnect. the problem is the application seems to get stuck in a loop when there are multiple nodes in the pool. when there is only one node the system works no matter what the persistence is set too.



since its a web service call i do not have a jsessionid nor will it allow me to use a cookie. the weird thing is source addr is not working either. oneconnect doesnt seem to help.



Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

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  • When you use source_address persistence, are you seeing anything in the persistence table? You can go to statistics -> Local Traffic -> Persistence Records to see. I can't imagine why source address wouldn't work.
  • i had made so many changes it started working but now i understand why. there is one persistence record in the stats. below is the record. why is the value 1? is there a way i can remove this so i can set it to source address instead of universal, i was doing some testing with universal and it must of stuck, not sure why my intial test didnt work but thats the way it goes. thanks for your help.





    Persistence ValuePersistence Mode


    Virtual Server


    PoolPool Member




    1UniversalVaco_AOAVaco_AOA_Pool172.19.1.17:80171589 seconds






  • i found the command to to manually delete the persistence record



    delete /ltm persistence persist-records virtual Vaco_AOA node-addr







    i also re setup the source address persistence and its working as expected, not sure what was going on but everything is good to go now. thanks for your help. i didnt know how you checked for the persistence records. nice little tip