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Jan 10, 2023

persistance table memory usage

I am trying to understand what is the memory usage of the persistent table.

doing show sys mem I see 3 records:




I want to know what are these 3.

I have universal type persistance and SSL-id based. And I want to know which of these 3 I should look into.




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  • I can't find that documented anywhere, mihaic, you'll need to open a case and request more details on the specifics of each persist type. Will you post back here when you hear back from support?

  • I don't have a proper account to open support requests.


  • Hi mihaic 

    I executed the same command show sys mem. I see a table of entries below Sys:Subsystem Memory. I am seeing fields "persist" "persistence" with values for Alloc, max Alloc & object size. I tried this on f5 with

    Are those fields different than what is being looked at ?