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Dec 09, 2011

perl API issue - unrecognized type error

Normally I'm not one to post on forums for help as I prefer to root around the internet, forums and documentation and learn the hard way, but after spinning my wheels on this one for a couple of days, I'm throwing in the towel.



I'm pretty new to the perl SOAP::Lite module, but not so new to perl programming (10+ years). From what I've been able to ascertain, I'm not doing anything wrong with the SOAP::Lite module nor with the iControl APIs, yet I continue to get this error that I need to resolve.





I've TRIED attaching the simple perl file as well as the output from the script, but no luck with either IE or Chrome - Ajax(?) calls seem to hang both when I try attaching AND putting the text inline in this post


How else do I get the code and output here? Email?





I appear to be able to get to the iControl:System/Connections API on the F5 server that I'm querying as I AM able to retrieve the version info from the server (BIG-IP VERSION [BIG-IP_v10.2.3]), but on the very next call when I make a call to get_list (as specified in the documentation here, I receive the error 'Unrecognized type '{urn:iControl}Common.ProtocolType' followed by the SOAP envelope that apparently contains exactly the data I'm trying to get at.



I should mention that I am also having troubles accessing some of the System/Statistics methods as well - some work fine, others erroring out with the same type of error '{urn:iControl}Common.StatisticType'.



Is this something that is perhaps set up incorrectly on the F5 server that is causing this? Or am I totally missing something important on my client-side setup or my understanding of this interface?



Please help and thanks for your time.



Trying to put SOME of the code/output here:



[code snippet]


my $resp = $SysConnInfo->get_version();


if (checkResponse(SOAP => $resp, METHOD => 'get_version'))


{ my $verInfo = $resp->result; print "BIG-IP VERSION [$verInfo]\n"; }



$resp = $SysConnInfo->get_list(); if (checkResponse(SOAP => $resp, METHOD => 'get_list')) { print "Getting here!\n"; }





[output snippet]


Unrecognized type '{urn:iControl}Common.ProtocolType'


(BUNCHES OF XML OUTPUT HERE showing the data I want to get at)


at ./ line 32









If someone could provide an email address or some other method, I could send the code/output in it's entirety.








p.s. This forum interface is very difficult to work with.

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  • I've resolved this. Chalk this one up to ignorance.



    Through all of my research on this site in the perl section, I did not find any reference to the fact that you needed to place the module in your @INC and then 'use' in your script. Possibly a seemingly rookie mistake, but being unfamiliar with SOAP::Lite, I was thinking that those definitions were carried through in the SOAP response from the server.


    I only started suspecting that this was the case when I found an example perl script that included iContrlTypeCast.



    This should be a bullet point in the 'Quick start for perl' section of this site.



    I also needed to go in and make a few changes to the file to handle some 'undef' and 'subroutine redefined' errors when using '-w' and 'use strict'. I actually also found that these problems had been addressed earlier and supposedly rolled into the archived version of, but apparently those changes were lost between revision. (