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Jun 27, 2012

passive and active monitoring - no check until up option

Hi guys,



I would like to configure inband passive and active monitoring, I'm looking for "check until up" checkbox in active http monitor, but there is no one. This option was described in I'm currently using VE 10.2.4.







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  • is it correct manual? this is manual i got from 10.2.4 document page.



    Configuring the Time Until Up setting

  • Time until up is completely different setting. Check until up option disables active monitor when server is marked up and then passive monitoring is getting responsibility for monitoring insted of active monitor. Without this option passive monitoring does not make sense in my opinion (when passive monitor fails, active starts monitoring process endlessness)


  • sorry i just wanted to say you may look at the wrong manual. check until up is replaced with "up interval" and "time until up".



    ID 206779 - GUI: implement down-interval remove check-until-up for monitors (Formerly CR 118645-2)