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Apr 20, 2012

Page not available after replacing SSL certificate




I've recently updated an SSL certificate, I've done this many times in the past and not had any issues but I'm seeing some odd behaviour now.




We had 4096 bit SSL certs on our LTMs running 10.2.2, however some clients had issues with the size of the key. These were replaced with 2048 bit certs.




I added the new certificate and key to the SSL profile but now I can't view the site. I've ran TCP dump and can see SSL communication between the VIP and my PC but the page hangs and doesn't show any pages.




I've added the same certificate on to the web server directly and I can get to the page fine.


Interestingly, I have tried putting the old certificate back and I now get the same error.




Any help would be greatly appreciated.






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