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Oct 14, 2011

OWA Redirect Fails




I recently setup the F5 BIG IP LTE version 10.2.2, and completed the Exchange 2010 template wizard. When I try to point my browser to the VIP, Internet Explorer says "Page cannot be displayed". Firefox says "The page isn't redirecting properly". And, Fiddler shows 42 302 redirects to logon.aspx. Anyone know what the problem is? I do not have any redirection setup within IIS on my servers.






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  • Adam,



    Did you follow the errata to change HTTP profile setting for Redirect Rewrite to All?
  • Hi Mike, where can I find the errata? Is there a page in the deployment guide you can point me to?



  • Page 22:



    Required: Modifying the HTTP profile for Outlook Web App


    The application template currently incorrectly sets the Redirect Rewrite setting on the HTTP profile for the single virtual server (and on the OWA specific virtual server if you configured separate virtual servers) to Matching. The correct setting is All. This will be corrected in future versions of the application template.


    To modify the HTTP profile for the single virtual server (or OWA-specific virtual server)


    1. On the Main tab, expand Local Traffic and then click Profiles. The HTTP profiles page opens.


    2. Locate the HTTP profile used by the single virtual server, or the OWA-specific virtual server. This profile does not use the custom prefix, but instead starts with microsoft_ exchange_2010_ and ends with _shared_http. In our example, we click microsoft_ exchange_2010_https_http_lan-optimized-caching_shared_http.


    3. From the Redirect Rewrite list, select All.


    4. Click the Update button.
  • Thanks, I followed those steps and they resolved my problem, but I do not see those steps in versions 1.4, 2.2 or 3.2 of the Exchange 2010 Deployment Guide.