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Apr 19, 2012

Outlook 2011 for mac thru LTM

Has anyone tested Outlook for Mac 2011 with LTM and exchange 2010 SP2 ?



We have 2 clustered big-ip LTM VE 11.1 HF2.


Used latest iApp




From internal LAN to the internal NIC on the LTM it works, but from internett to the external NIC on the LTM I'm unable to get it working.



All other Outlook trafic (OWA and OA) works fine.



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    Hello, it'd be helpful if you would open a case with F5 Support on this. That will let us get access to your configuration files and help us track issues with Exchange deployments and the iApp.



    That said, can you give us more info about your deployment? When you use Outlook Anywhere on Windows, it works, but Outlook for Mac using RPC over HTTP is broken, and only when accessing the VIP from the internet? Have you deployed the iApp template once, or multiple times (for internet/internal access)?





  • Hey,



    we had the same issue and disabling the OneConnect on the F5 was the solution with Outlook 2011 on MAc was the inmediate answer.