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Feb 24, 2021

other memory usage high on 15.0.1

Hi guys




I need your help.. 


our customer using i2600 and 15.0.1 OS, starting from install this device "other memory" usage increase slightly .. now other memory usage almost 90%!


specifically anonpages has high usage .. I don't know why "other memory" has high usage




please let me know if you have documents relate to this problem 




thank you!

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  • Hi neeeewbie,


    There may be many reasons for this. v15.0.x is EoDS and EoTS.


    Bug Tracker:


    I suggest you upgrade to v15.1.x. (Currently v15.1.2.1)

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      Hi I found Bug ID 



      we using SSLO license and this license need APM. so, this bug occurred