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Feb 16, 2007

Oracle RMI implementation




I have a request that I dont know how to put it, not even sure if iRule is the answer. It has to do with Oracles RMI protocol. Dont know if anyone here has come across something like this. So here it goes:



base url is supposed to be





This needs to be load balanced to a pool of two nodes






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  • Standard TCP load balancing, oc4j uses it's own unique connector which integrates with the HTTP service that runs on top of oc4j, very interesting architecture. So, if you want to load balance oc4j, simply setup your pool using a TCP profile, use persistence if required, which it probably will be, and point your Oracle HTTP server to the VIP address.



    oc4j and Oracle's apache are similar to Apache and mod_jk. You can load balance both of them. Apache would be an HTTP profile, and mod_jk or oc4j would simply be a TCP profile. You could use HTTP profile as well, but not sure if the OC4J protocol will actually work with it. Better safer than sorry, start out with a TCP profile and load balance away.
  • Thanks for the quick reply. So, as far as big-ip configuration, it still needs a vip (standard url with or without ssl) pointing to a pool.
  • To load balance the oc4j containers, yes you need to setup a pool, standard TCP health check, and a VIP, use the TCP profile for the VIP, you could always try HTTP profile for the VIP, but that means the F5 will inspect packets for HTTP header information, which I don't believe OC4J contains.