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Apr 22, 2012

Oracle E-business Suite Load balancing Problem vvv Urgent!!!

Hi Everyone,


We are trying to implement the F5 load balance with Oracle E-business suit, first we tried to do the https offloading but we faced some problem in the administration access area the page use to throw the port 443 which caused the page to become "can not display the page" when we remove the port and press enter the page shows up again. Now we have shifted to a plain http setup end to end but nothing is working I believe we have messed up with the context file configuration.I have attached here the context file kindly indicate where we are going wrong... currently we are trying to run everything on HTTP end to end and the context file is configured in the same way. Also let me know what changes we have to make in the context file and may be on the LTM to make the HTTPS offload work.





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  • What version are you running? While I can walk you through it, creating a support case might be the fastest way to get this fixed.
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    Hi Tech, you need to use the EBS configuration wizard or AutoConfig for both HTTP and SSL load balancing/offloading for EBS servers. You MUST use these tools to properly configure the EBS environment to be aware of an external load balancer, and additionally an external SSL offload device like the big-ip.



    AutoConfig is a commandline tool that is run on each EBS web/app server in the big-ip pool. It does STOP/START services, so don't run this on a production server with active users, you could corrupt transactions/database tables and disconnect active users.



    The Wizard is a UI tool in the EBS Console that will walk you through the configuration questions/answers. You will need to run both the HTTP load balancing, and the SSL wizards. An example is located here:




    Also, within Oracle support, I highly recommend that you read and understand the EBS whitepaper on using load balancers with EBS, a must read for getting the EBS environment correctly configured.



    "Using Load-Balancers with Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 [ID 380489.1]"



    Then use the F5 deployment guide, or iApp template to configure your big-ip for EBS.



    Good luck,


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      the same issue i am facing . does autoconfig resolve the issue of redirection? because we dont want to publish internal server url while opening new URL which is on F5.