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Oct 22, 2021

Only show 256 bits ciphers - parent client-ssl profile

Hello, I have the cipher suite configured in my parent client-ssl profile:



How can I only provide ONLY 256 bits ciphers and remove all 128?


Do I need to name them or is there a way to commit them in the string?


Thank you



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  • Hello Julio,

    first things first, I would recommend not to edit default SSL profiles: instead, create a new one and inherit settings from defaults.


    You can filter ciphers by strength with keywords LOW (64 bit bulk crypto algorithm) , MEDIUM (128-bit) and HIGH ( [ 168 bit/192 bit -- deprecated] and 256-bit ).


    So your default string should be HIGH , and then exclude unwanted suites.


    You can test output with command tmm --clientciphers <string> , ex. tmm --clientciphers "HIGH" or tmm --clientciphers "HIGH:!ECDH_RSA:!ECDH_ECDSA:!SHA:!RSA"

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      That's good info. With "@STRENGTH" one can have the cipher negotiation start with the strongest cipher and progress to the weakest (example: DEFAULT:!3DES:!DHE:!RC4:!RSA:@STRENGTH)


      This is just for anyone who may have a need for it. 😀