iControl SOAP SSL client profile creation code sample

Problem this snippet solves:

iControl SOAP C# code sample: SSL client profile creation using LocalLBProfileClientSSL.create_v2 and LocalLBProfileClientSSL.set_default_profile.

How to use this snippet:

Uses the Windows IControl Library for Microsoft.Net

Code :

public void test_ssl_client_profile_create_V2()

            //Create a client SSL profile using create_v2, then add default profile with clientssl-secure

            //create profile name;
            string[] profile_name = new string[] { "test_client_ssl_profile" };

            //Must have a  default cert/key pair
            LocalLBProfileString[] ssl_key = new LocalLBProfileString[1];
            LocalLBProfileString[] ssl_cert = new LocalLBProfileString[1];

            //start with defaults. This will be changed later
            ssl_key[0] = new LocalLBProfileString();
            ssl_key[0].value = "/Common/default.key";
            ssl_key[0].default_flag = false;

            ssl_cert[0] = new LocalLBProfileString();
            ssl_cert[0].value = "/Common/default.crt";
            ssl_cert[0].default_flag = false;

            //Now create the profile
            m_interfaces.LocalLBProfileClientSSL.create_v2(profile_name, ssl_key, ssl_cert);

            //in this case adding clientssl-secure as default profile
            string[] default_profile = new string[] { "clientssl-secure" };

            //Now call set_default_profile
            m_interfaces.LocalLBProfileClientSSL.set_default_profile(profile_name, default_profile);


Tested this on version:

Published Jun 15, 2018
Version 1.0

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