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May 18, 2020

Only Internals Vlans isolated

Hi all. We're trying to separate all ours enviroments or internals VLans ( Dev, Pre and Test) and permit or deny communication between enviroments in a firewall . 


For it, we need to enroute all traffic from internal vlan across external VLan (default route) to our firewall without NAT


 I tried with Route Domains and two virtual servers forwarding ip( Routing_in_and Routing_out_dev)  but I never got it to work. External Vlan no comunicate with internal_dev vlan ( for example)


 All this in the default Router Domain works fine but all communications between internal networks are permited by the appliance and are routed internally in the F5   


 Someone made it???

 Can you help us ???


 Thanks to all 

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