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Jun 22, 2021

Online Windows update patches not able to download

We have almost 1500+ nodes under BigIP F5, now the situation is Windows servers are not able to connect to Microsoft sites and download the online patches as the servers has no internet and the default gateway is F5 floating IP.

Is there any way we can achieve this without changing the default gateway on Windows server to local routing.

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  • Hi Praveen,


    You can do this with Forwarding virtual servers (

    If you create a virtual server with destination address, set the type to "Forwarding IP", (and optionally set "Protocol" to "All Protocols") you will pick up all traffic and then route it out to its destination.


    Please be aware though that this will pick up ANY traffic - potentially from external interfaces as well, which will very likely be too much. Please ensure you have a firewall policy in place, and lock down the listening interfaces using the "VLAN and Trunnel Traffic" option.


    Hope this helps.