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Jun 18, 2012

one question in variable

in the syntax ,we normally use :



if { $cjj == 1} {







I have a question here



sometimes I forget to define this variable cjj,is there any method I can use to make it work in this way:


evulate wether there is a varable cjj,if not define one



such as :


if $cjj exist ,else set cjj x



thanks in advance


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    You can use Catch. if there is a error the catch command will catch the error and allow you to work around it with out aborting the iRule




  • yes,catch seems a good command ,but another question raise,


    if I want to check whether one variable exists catch {command},which command I should use in the curly braces?
  • Or you can use [info exists variable]:



    if { [info exists cjj] and $cjj == 1} {