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Oct 25, 2022

Offline (Enabled) The children pool member(s) are down

Trying to set up pool members on a BIG IP hosted on my AWS instance.

For pool members created a ubuntu based ec2-instance.

1.Enabled all traffic on the ec2-instance

2.disabled firewall on ubuntu machine.

3.Ping to public Ip from my local PC and ping to private IP from another ec2-instance on same vpc works.

4.Telnet from local pc as well as from ec2-instance doesnt work.

5.Adding this member to pool gives the error "Offline (Enabled) The children pool member(s) are down" in health-monitor.The version is v14.xxxx.

How can i get the pool members to be connected?I cant understand as to what i am doing wrong here.


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  • Ok, have you checked the AWS firewall to make sure you can get the comms from the f5 in?
    Also try just pinging that ip from the the f5, then move up to tcp, then http if that is the way your going and build the picture up.

    on point point 4, what do you mean by local?

  • sand87chIn most cases if you go into the pool in question and then click on the pool member that is configured the output on this screen will typically tell you why the health monitor is failing. Can you provide the configuration of the health monitor with any sensitive information redacted so that we can see exactly what is being checked?

  • It work snow for me.i pointed it to http port 3000 and this now works

  • sand87ch, some questions to help you isolate the issue:

    • what does the network connectivity from your BIG-IP to your ubuntu instance look like? local subnet or routed? if routed, do you have routes from BIG-IP to the ubuntu instance and vice-versa?
    • On BIG-IP cli, can you ping the IP on the ubuntu server where the services are running?
    • If so, can you curl (assuming http) the service successfully?
    • If so, what does your health monitor on your BIG-IP look like?

    You can enable debug to see what the BIG-IP is seeing:


    tmsh modify sys db bigd.debug value enable


    Just make sure you modify it back to disable when do troubleshooting.