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May 20, 2022

NSX-T and F5 HA using BGP

Hi All, I am working on a lab to get F5 LTM VE high availability pair working with NSX-T T0 router using BGP The routing domain all works find, I am able to establish the BGP neighborship and I see...
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    May 25, 2022


    This configuration is entirely supported and used at many service provider accounts, including my own.

    For the BGP peers you will want to peer with the self-IP, not with the floating self-IP.  This will indeed allow for two active peers and they will receive routes from both BIP-IP's.  The way you control traffic is indeed with the floating self-IP, you just need to set the outbound (or inbound on the routers) next-hop as the floating self-IP using a quick route-map.  Here is a quick example config:

    router bgp xxxx
    bgp log-neighbor-changes
    bgp graceful-restart restart-time 120
    neighbor x.x.x.x remote-as xxxxx
    neighbor x.x.x.x description xxxxx
    neighbor x.x.x.x route-map blue-to-bgp out

    route-map blue-to-bgp permit 100
    set metric 100
    set ip next-hop x.x.x.x primary <--Floating Self-IP