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Apr 27, 2021

Not all devices synced?? Please help me i'm new on using F5 TIA :)

I actually planning to create an HA for both of my BIGIP servers.


  • Not all devices synced
  • The time for my 1st and 2nd Big-Ip doesn't matched even though they have the same time-zone setup as Asia/Singapore.

Note: I don't know how to setup my NTP server, I just used the IP of my test server as NTP



Renato Alcala

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  • you can force config sync from tmsh with command ( run cm config-sync force-full-load-push to-group <group name> )


    this command will push configuration from device you are logged on to group

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      hi  ,


      I already done executing the command but still nothing happens ­čś× .. Thanks for the reply sir.