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Jan 12, 2019

Not able to take management access of my F5 via GUI

I am trying take management access of my F5 via GUI but it's not responding however SSH is working fine.Can someone help what steps should I follow. The device is not under contract so TAC support is not possible. And we are planning to migrate all LTM services on virtual editing so management is not ready to renew the contract. Please let me know if any steps which can help me out with this without product impact


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  • It isn't quite clear whether this BIG-IP is currently in use or has been setup.


    Is it configured with a management IP address? If so, you would have to connect to that IP address on port 443 (HTTPS) in a supported web browser.


    If the BIG-IP isn't configured with a management IP address you have to log into it via SSH and run the "config" command (without quotes) to configure one in order to access the GUI.


    Hope that helps! If it does please up-vote and select this answer, it'd be greatly appreciated!