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May 15, 2012

Not able to go to extenal network from BIGIP

Dear All,



I am facing an issue in BIGIP.



I have two virtual BIGIP deployed on VMware. I have two network (VLAN 74 & 86) which is connect to customer network. From VLAN 74 I am able to ping and it is showing Green in nodes but on VLAN 86 I am not able to ping and in nodes it is showing Red. If I am taking trraceroute than it drops on its own self IP.



vlan external_internet {


tag 74


interfaces tagged 1.1




vlan external_mobile {


tag 86


timeout 35


interfaces tagged 1.1






Pls help me out in this.




Thanks & Regards,





2 Replies

  • Hi Gaurav,



    Can you also mention the route that you have added on the LTM box???? Is the added route right one that knows both of these vlans or not???/



  • Another thing to check is that your switchports are configured as trunked (if they are Cisco), since you are tagging the VLANs on the LTM.