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Oct 27, 2010

nodes unavailable if traffic through VIP

Hi, I have an interesting problem. I have one VS on one vlan that is talking to two nodes on another. The both F5 LTM units are configured with ip addresses on the same vlan. If I connect to the nodes from the command line using like GET or telnet, they respond. If I connect to the VS the nodes become unavailable for about 4 minutes. The issue happens intermittently and have verified that it is not the nodes having the issue.



Any assistance would be appreciated.


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    Sounds like you might be having a SNAT problem. Try turning on SNAT automap and see if that helps.



  • I second George. The pool members on the vlan in question are probably pointing to another gateway, as opposed to the BigIP float on that vlan. If you snat, it'll work around this issue. But note that your web server logs will reflect the BigIP's self ip address as opposed to the real client source. You can insert an XFF header to work around the logging issue.