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Mar 14, 2012

No Monitors or else showing up after upgrading to ver 11.1

Hi Guys,


I believe alot of you must have upgraded the system from 9.4.7 to the latest 11.1 I have also done the same but after upgrading I am getting a message on every time login that "The configuration has not yet loaded, if the message persist it may indicate the configuration problem". I tried to ignore it and tried to create a pool the monitors section is totally empty and when i go to the monitors tab and try to create one it gives error... any idea what has gone wrong... where the problem is coming from.





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  • is there an error when running "/usr/libexec/bigpipe daol"?



    if yes, can you fix it by modifying configuration file in /config/bigpipe and then run again?
  • Hm, as of release notes, the supported upgrade path would be 9.4.7 -> 10.2.0 -> 11.1


    Did you upgrade directly to 11.1 ?