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Jun 08, 2023

No Learning Suggestions But could see Violations in the event logs

Hi All,  In our environment we are in process of implementing the ASM policies. For few Policies we are not seeing any learning suggestions. But there are legal and illegal requests but no learning ...
  • Hi karthicksankark , 

    >>> your Q : The Enforcement Readiness Period is 7 days. After 7 days ony I started looking into the learning suggestions will that be a cause. if so how can i see the current suggestions. ? 

    Answer : No , you should see suggestions, and let me explain. 

    First what is the Learning mode that you're using in each Entity ( Entity means >> File types , parameters , URLs ) Learn mode contains ( Never ( Wildcard only ) , selective , Always , and Compact ). 

    If you want to learn everything in your AWAF , you need to modify it to Always , to see suggestion from each request. and make sure you enable ( Learn Check box ) for each entity.

    Also Make sure to enable learn check box in ( Evasion Technique , http compliance and attack signatures ) 

    Till here I answered your Questions of how to get suggestions. 

    For more info about learning modes , Refer to this Article :
    Specially this part : 

    Also Listen to this Video :

    After that let me know , if you need anything. 

    I hope that helps you , GoodLuck 🙂