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Mar 26, 2012

Newbie needing APM help

So I have this:



Two Virtual server for SAP portal, one is the portal itself, and the other is the iView server. They both need to be accessible externally via DNS name.



When a user logs into the address I have it authenticating against AD and then allowing access to the portal server. The portal server then tells the client to go get their data for the frames from If I open up that virtual server out to the internet without any authentication the queries work and everything is fine.



Problem is that if someone hits the they are hitting an internal server diretly without the f5 ensuring they are authorized via AD auth.



so I want to ahve the user auth once and have both virtual servers sharing the same access profile without prompting for ad auth twice.



Thanks for any help you can provide.



If needed I can provide a visio maybe.
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