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Mar 20, 2019

Network location awareness (NLA) on F5 Access client (Mobile)

Hello everyone,


We are implementing a Per-App VPN solution (VPN tunnel is created automatically when the user open certain apps) (F5 & Airwatch) and currently we have the need to enforce that users that are inside the office do not connect to the VPN.


Version: 13.1.1 Build 0.0.4


I've done this with the Edge Client with the NLA feature but I have no success finding this solution to the F5 Access (In theory is de same, at least on some posts that I saw here) client for Android and iOS, neither I found a operation guide for this client. Among the things that I checked are: BIG-IP Edge Client Operations Guide BIG-IP APM Operations Guide


One possible solution that I though was to use the IP subnet object from the virtual policy editor, but the thing is that this is associated with the virtual server that establish the VPN to local resources and not the resources themselves.


Among my questions there are: - Is there something that I am missing regarding documentation? - Can NLA be enforced on iOS and Android via the F5 Access app?


Maybe this can only be enforced by the MDM, I just want to exhaust all of our possibilities with F5.


Thanks everyone in advance Regards,


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