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Jul 03, 2024

Need to Re-ip the VIPs, Self-ips and mgmt IPs

Hi Experts,


I have following requirement: 

I have to re-ip some VIPs which are currently on 4.x.x.x/24 network to 10.x.x.x/24. Can I reconfigure the old VIPs with new IPs

I have self-ip(static and floating) in External and Internal Vlans , which are also need to be re-ip to 10.x.x.x/24 segment. Can I change the IPs or do I need to create new self-Ips for external and internal VLans.

I have a default route on my LTMs pointing to L3 switch :

list /net route all-properties
net route /Common/Gateway {
    description none
    gw 4.x.x.1
    mtu 0
    network default
    partition Common


Do I need to delete this default route and create a new route which will be a L3 SVI in 10.x.x.1 

Can I keep the old default route and create a new for 10.x.x.1 , will that work. Can I use forwarding VIP.

Also if I remove the old self-ips and the old default G/w , will it create any outage..


I am planning to do the configuration changes on Standby device first and then make it as Active and once tested successfully, I will sync the devices.


Kindly assist.. It will be great help and much appreciate it !


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  • if the old 4.... gateway will be no longer reachable or the route will no longer valid, then you should remove that entry.

    to reduce the downtime, add the new f5 config (based on the 10..... ip),
    then change config in upfront nodes to send traffic to the 10..... vips,
    then delete the 4..... configs

  • Hi Praful,

    How many such VIPs are there.

    How many such self IP are there.

    1. You cannot re-IP the VIPs, only method is to create new VIPs with same config with just destination IP to new subnet 10.x.x.x change and keep them in disabled state as they get sync from one box to another based on automatic sync or manual sync, so be careful at the time of creating and Once new VIPs in place, during activity enable the old VIPs and disable and later delete the old VIPs in 4.x.x.x that are not required. Make all these changes on Prod boxes obly after approved downtime window for safe transition from 4.x.x.x to 10.x.x.x
    2. For gathering old VIPs config you can refer BIGIP.conf  file
    3. I will use load sys config merge from-terminal command from CLi for pasting such VIPs into the F5 Box after getting new VIPs with change IPs prepared in notepad.
    4. Self IP will not get copied/sync from one box to another, so you have to make the self IP on both boxes individually.
    5. First add the new Self IP and Default routes(new default routes can be quicky created during the cutover activity in a approved change window for handling any unexpected outages) etc.
    6. for that also i will use load sys config merge from-terminal
    7. Now only you can delete old self IP, keep the delete commands ready in notepad, to quickly delete old self IP in 4.x.x.x during your activity. 
    8. Here also I will prefer to collect such Self IP configuration from BIGIP_base.conf file.
    9. Let me know for further detail help.




    Best Regards,

    F5 Design engineer.