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Aug 29, 2023

Need to change Partition Traffic Group

We have a partition/traffic group that is in production that we have determined was setup wrong to start with.  The partition refers to the "traffic-group-floating" traffic group instead of the respective traffic group for the partition.

If I were to change that at the partition level would it in turn update all the iApps that were created under the partition?

I know if I got into the virtual address list and try to change on that was created by an iApp it won't let me.

I would like to make sure I get this corrected for not only the existing VIP's but also for any future ones that are created in the furture.



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  • Hi jomedusa , 

    you can modify/change iAPP Configurations by two ways : 

                 1. (Recommended) way :

    • Log in to the Configuration utility.
    • Navigate to iApps > Application Services.
    • Click the Name of iApp.
    • Click the Reconfigure tab.
    • Edit any iApp template fields as needed.
    • Click Finished.
    • The configuration modifications and are ready for use with the application.

    2. Modify configuration objects directly :

    • Go to iApps > <Application Services > <Application name> > Properties > Advanced.
    • Clear the Strict Updates checkbox.
    • Select Update.
    • Make the changes you want to the configuration object.
    • Re-enable strictness by selecting the Strict Updates checkbox again.


    NOTE :
    It is advised to make changes to an iApp from the template and avoid making changes directly to the objects after disabling strict updates.
    If you disable Strict Updates and make customizations or modifications to the BIG-IP Configuration, you will lose these changes when redeploying or rerunning the iApp.

    For more info about altering iAPPs review this Article : Modifying or deleting an iApp (

    I hope you find my comment insightful ! 🙂 

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      Thanks for the reply, I have updated one of the iAPPs using the option 1 without issue but didn't know if updating the partiton config would update all iAPPs accordingly.  I think that the partition config needs to be changed going forward for any new iApps.

      Doing option 1 will entail updating over 80 applications which I am ok with doing but if it will do it from the partition and solve the issue with new iApps would that not be the best course of action?



      • Hi jomedusa , 

        So u want to modify partition itself to make the changes take effect onetime in all Iapps. 

        Take In your consideration you need to disable strict updates check box on each iapp , I think if you did that without clearing strict updates in each iApp it will fail. 

        Also your modification will be ignored when re-deploying the iAPP again. 


        So that you may have to go with the first method , of charging configuration from iAPP. 

        I see it beneficial to use the first method as I think u will go to disable strict updates in each iAAP attached with this partition. So I see it's a hardwork too. So it's very good to go through with modifying iAAP itself by first method.