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Feb 24, 2012

Need iHelp for iRule

I am creating maintenance page to post on LTM. I have followed few example but I am almost to the finish line with one last problem where the page is showing empty.

Here the example I use:





When I force the need to be down by creating to monitor bad port which LTM to show to unknown state. LTM suppose to go Maintenance page but is showing blank screen.


I am new to LTM and I have tried to my best I can't figure out where the problem.


I appreciate in advance.








class maint_index_html_class {


"filename" { "/var/class/maint.index.html.class" }






rule Maintenancehtml {




if {[active_members Pool_192.168.12.110.SN01138] < 1} {


HTTP::respond 200 content [lindex $::maint_index_html_class 0] "Content-Type" "image/png"


HTTP::respond 200 [class element -value 0 maint_index_html_class]


log local0. "Maintenance Page has been issued due to pool members not active"








[username@F5:Active] log more /var/class/maint.index.html.class


"key" :="Maintenance page


Sorry! This site is down for maintenance."





[username@F5:Active] log




Feb 24 07:08:50 local/tmm1 info tmm1[4996]: Rule Maintenancehtml : Maintenance Page has been issued due to pool members not active






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  • Hi Sisay,



    This forum is for the old 4.x iRules. For v9-11, you can post here:




    Are you still working on this issue? If so, which LTM version are you testing this on? The format and syntax has changed between 9.x, 10.x and 11.x.