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May 26, 2011

Need help with a URL re-write

I need an iRule to look for "foldername" in the URL below,



and then re-write to the URL below, removing "foldername" completely. The first URL may be HTTP or HTTPS.



Everything after "foldername" can be different and needs to stay as is, but this is the typical format. I only want to change URLs that contain the word "foldername".



I know how to remove /foldername, and how to re-write to the new URL, but not how to do both simutaneously. I tried 2 rules, 2 steps, but that didn't work and I can't get the format right to do it all in one rule.



I appreciate any and all help.




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  • Hi Dave,

    I think something like this should work:

    when HTTP_REQUEST {
       if {[HTTP::path] starts_with "/foldername"}{
          HTTP::redirect "[string range [HTTP::uri] [string first "/" [HTTP::uri] 1] end]"

    You can add debug logging to check the values for [string first "/" [HTTP::uri] 1] and [string range [HTTP::uri] [string first "/" [HTTP::uri] 1] end] to see how it works. The idea is that you get the first / after the first character in the URI and then read from that to the end of the original URI to determine the URI for the redirect.