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Oct 20, 2011

Need help with a SNAT irule

Hello all.



I need some help with a SNAT irule for the Exchange implementation with F5.


According to the F5 Exchange document; I need a SNAT irule so that the exchange clients get NATed to the same IP address while connecting to the exchange VIP.



I created a SNAT pool with 9 IP addresses ( to and applied the SNAT pool to the Exchange VIP, I also created the irule below to use the SNAT pool:



when CLIENT_ACCEPTED { snat 10.162.93[expr ( [getfield [IP::client_addr] "." 4] % 9 ) 1 ] }



It doesn't work. the clients don't get NATed to an IP on the SNAT pool Please Help!!!




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    you need a "." after the 93. Also your math expression will not result in a number from 38 to 46. Do you mod and then add 38.