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Jan 09, 2024

Need help on syslog cli configuration

Hello team , 

I have to correct the syslog config with below commands , will there be any impact of running the below commands , Which list commad I can run to perform pre-checks and how to confirm if the configuration working correctly post implementation ?

what is the use of both the commands ?

tmsh modify sys syslog {include "destination remote_server {tcp( port (1528));};filter f_alllogs {level (debug...emerg);};log {source(local);filter(f_alllogs);destination(remote_server);};options {use_fqdn(yes); keep_hostname(yes);};"

tmsh modify sys syslog {remote-servers replace-all-with {remotesyslog1 {host local-ip remote-port 5528} remotesyslog2 {host local-ip remote-port 5528}}}