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May 25, 2016

Need date when F5 LB, from AWS SEOUL marketplace, AMI is available in AWS Seoul Region?

Hello F5 teams! I need to know when the F5 load balancer AMI is available in AWS's Seoul, Marketplace AND supported in AWS's Seoul Region? Urgent timing to support our Web Server Farms. Many customers have to comply with PII data laws for Korea and it is critical F5 have the solution in AWS Marketplace and available in the AWS Seoul region.


Thank you, Dongsho


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    Hello Dongsho,


    Please know that F5 is currently working on this case - AWS region ap-northeast-2 is not only the new region, but it also utilizes new instance types. Apart from native support for the region, in next weeks you should also see Cloud images available at they could be used to create instance in the Seoul's region.


    -- M.