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Jul 12, 2021

need a way to get the DEFAULT cipher string via a yaml script

Im writing a yaml script to get the DEAULT cipher string being used.

Here is my speciic code section:


    - name: check the default cipher



      - tmm --clientciphers DEFAULT | grep -i {{ cipher_string}}

      provider: "{{ provider }}"

     delegate_to: localhost

     register: cipher_out

     ignore_errors: true

   when: software_version_out.stdout != ''


This is the error I get:

TASK [check the default cipher] **************************************************************************************************************************************************************

[WARNING]: Using "write" commands is not idempotent. You should use a module that is specifically made for that. If such a module does not exist, then please file a bug. The command in

question is "tmm --clientciphers DEFAULT | grep -i de..."


Is there another way to get this information via tmsh?

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