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Aug 23, 2012

NAT64 with 2 external VLANs ?

hi, I am currently implementing NAT64 using F5. I am facing abit of problem now.






1. Internet Router 1 (ipv6_subnet 1) -------->(ipv6_subnet 1) F5 (ipv4_subnet 1) ----------> FW (ipv4)



2. Internet Router 2 (ipv6_subnet 2) --------> (ipv6_subnet 2) F5 ((ipv4_subnet 2) ----------> FW (ipv4)




Take it as, I have 2 internet routers (with 2 different ipv6 subnet) and 1 F5 LTM.






- For F5, I need to create 2 different default routes to Router 1 and 2. And also need to create 2 external VLANs. Is it possible to do so in F5 LTM?



- Or is it a better solution to create 2 different route domains for doing NAT64?




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