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Apr 24, 2011

Mutiple URL redirects

Hi all,



I need help on this. I have to invoke three (3) Java Servlets if the URI pattern is found. I've searched and multiple redirects is not possible.



So here's the scenario:



if URI contains "/stringpattern" then


HTTP redirect to


HTTP redirect to


HTTP redirect tp



Thanks in advance...






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  • Not really a viable use for this. Once the first redirect is issued, we will lose control of the connection, as opposed to proxying and ushering the connection through multiple redirects


    After the first redirect the cmd/control of the connection would need to happen by the first websphere server, etc




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    Why would you want to issue 3 separate redirects? Do you want to send the same request through each hop in order, or split the traffic and send it to 3 places simultaneously? The first option, as Matt said, there's not much we can do to help with because we lose control after the first redirect.



    The latter might be more possible, but seems clunky.